Episode 6

International Diplomacy - Lindsay

Today I'm talking with Lindsay Harrison about her career as an international diplomat! While you may not see her speaking from a podium at the G7 summit, her work as an American Foreign Service Officer supports Americans living and traveling abroad, as well as advancing American interests overseas. Moving countries every 2-3 years isn't for the faint of heart, but Lindsay's ability to support individuals and families during difficult moments provides a gratification that makes everything worthwhile. Check out her story and maybe think about applying to join the Foreign Service yourself. I know I am!

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When Hana moved to Germany in March 2019 to live with her partner she had three goals: learn German, get better at cooking, and start a podcast. One year later, her language skills were pretty top-notch, her cooking skills less so, and her answer to friends' questions about the podcast was still "I'm working on it," which was code for "I'm not working on it." With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hana discovered the secret to better cooking - meal delivery kits - and finally started thinking seriously about what kind of podcast she wanted to host. During her video chats with college best friend Ana, an idea started to take shape that would eventually become their show "The Pen Is...," followed eventually by her solo endeavor, "My Dilettante Life."
When she's not waiting tables at Regensburg's finest café or developing new pieces for her podcasts, Hana can be found tidying the world's smallest kitchen or walking her dog among the rolling hills of the Bavarian countryside.